This year, The AfroFuturist Affair Annual Charity & Costume Ball has expanded space-time from one evening to a month-long celebration of Afrofuturism. In addition to the 4th Annual Costume Ball on Saturday, November 8 2014, we will have events throughout November, including workshops, dance party, readings, book club, film screenings, art exhibit, and more. We are seeking self-identified AfroFuturists to perform or display their Black sci-fi, spec-fic, and Afrofuturistic themed work at the Ball. We are also seeking submissions for workshops and presentations.We need: Authors, Poets, Inventors, Vocalists, Rappers, Visual artists, Performance artists, Filmmakers, Dancers, Designers, Musicians, Magicians, Producers, Metaphysicians, other creatives/creatorsDeadline to submit: Sunday, October 5 2014This month we will explore the theme of Black Holographic Memory, the collective unconscious memory of Black folk through all permutations of space-time. Like a hologram, each individual contains the whole of the collective memory - we must simply learn how to access it. We appreciate afrofuturistic and speculative works that incorporate this theme or hints at ways to access the memory hologram (however you interpret it).To share your ideas, talents, and proposed performances for inclusion in this year’s celebrations, please email by October 5, 2014 with the below info, and “Charity Ball” in the subject line.Name or Organization:Contact info (email/phone):Title of proposed performance/display/workshop:Brief description of proposed performance/display/workshop:If available, attach at least one image or video URL illustrating what you do. It can be a past example or a sketch of the proposed idea.Website (if available):If you are interested in sponsoring, vending, or volunteering, please submit an email to We are able to offer promotion and advertisement space to all sponsors. Vendors will be charged a low registration fee.
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