Chief Todo

Chief Todo is a recurring character in the Cyber-Punk animé Bubblegum Crisis. Bubblegum Crisis is heavily inspired by the sci-fi classic Blade Runner.In the year 2032, highly advanced androids called "Boomers" are employed in everyday tasks. Sometimes these Boomers inexplicable go on violent rampages, and are involved in various crimes. These incidents have become so frequent that a special Police Force called the Advanced Defense Police have been established purely for the purpose of dealing with Boomer related crimes.Todo is the chief of the AD Police. Originally from Chicago, he moved to Japan after the Second Great Kanto Earthquake that all but decimated Japan's infrastructure. Todo constantly has to pull off a balancing act; he has to keep his officers in check, deal with bureacrats, and still make sure that the AD Police solve the crime. Though ill-tempered Todo shows great concern for the officers working under him and he's not above bending the rules as long as the case gets solved. Chief Todo does not appear in the sequel Bubblegum Crash, as he is retired. However he is sorely missed, since his replacement is both highly bureaucratic as well as out of touch with the rest of the AD Police.Todo is the uncle of Lisa Vanette who makes an appearance during episode 8.For a live action, I'd cast Reginald VelJohnson.
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