Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone Cover

This 132 multi-platform Halochrome covered Graphic Novel comes with no narrative, no dialog, not even captions.

NO WORDS Y'ALL! Here a picture is still owrth a thousand words!!!

It invites and needs your brilliance to be completed. You provide the content. You write that narravies. You project the story.  You become its glory.

Never before has any publisher issued such a project or product to appeal to you!  The wirter in you will love the opportunity & challenge of this bold limited edition totally Rhythmistic product for ONLI STUDIOS. 

Prof. Turtel Onli founded ONLI STUDIOS in 1981 after coversations in Paris with the great Moebius of Metal Hurlant/ Humanoide Associes fame strongly suggested that Onli morph from being a kick-ass freelance illustrator and become an indie publisher.  Then Onli later exploded the entire industry in 1993 when he coined the term/genre.movement known as the Black Age of Comics!

As Onli often asks: "How Black was this industry before I dropped that bold Black Age bomb in 1993?"

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