Drawn For the Rhythmic Zone Platinum Edition

"Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone" is 132 pages of bold thought provoking images and narrative illustrations in an amazing Rhythmistic Black & White gumbo. A Tour De Force from Prof. Onli.  Special Platinum Edition!

Hyped by Onli's recent legendary run in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art where his character. " NOG: The Nubian of Greatness" was featured, mural sized on the museum's outer wall and Museum Store for its blockbuster group exhibition,"Chicago Comics : 1960 Until Now! curated by Dan Nadel.


Here is where a picture is still worth a thousand words!

It stimulates serious thoughfulness. expansive mindfulness and virtual digital participation on the part of the smart creative reader.  It is powerful engagement beyond the printed page of the narrow limits of most mainstreamed Graphic Novels. Fun, Fire & Funk!

The next unique Rhythmistic move from the man called "The Father of the Black Age of Comics!" 

 "Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone" features Spoken Word, Expansive Music, Experimental Animation and Visual Stories related to ONLI STUDIOS' unique characters in passionate entertaining action.

There has never been a Graphic Novels like this! All for $20.00 from ONLI STUDIOS LLC durng its special launch season! Cover price will raise ot $25.00 Feb. 1st 2022 when "BLACK SANFOKA" 2.0 drops!

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