"James Brown" by Dan Lish

"James Brown" by Dan Lish (Ink and Digital, NFS) "Sometimes I have a specific song in mind when creatig theseillustrations. With James Brown (#2) I had 'Give it up or turn it loose.' Although many of the artists featured are stillliving, I merged the music with another Afterlife theme. I imagined JB having a party with his spiritual ancestors, theguardians of his Afican heritage/lineage. I like to exposure the 'the thinning of vials' from one plane of existence toanother. So soul essence, nature spirits, Faeiries, Mother Nature, Source, the Universe all have a large theme in theseworks, including this James Browwn piece. I wanted to include past members I really vibed with, including drummers - JaboStarks, Clyde Stubberfield, Bobby Bird, Hank Ballard and Bootsy Collins."
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