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Set in the year 2089 this powerful and somewhat disturbing novel is placed in a future World State where mass populations have decreased dramatically in numbers due to severe natural world disasters and virus pandemics. More saltwater now covers where land once used to be in this city of Menap and the surviving people have had to adapt to their new political world takeover and to build new futuristic domies over the years. Almost all the water on earth has risen to its highest level in history causing a major geographic update. In a quest to adjust to their new society which has abruptly been forced upon them and to survive the harsh realities of the new Drogheda Provisional Order now in place of governorship, the citizens of Menap have developed their own futuristic technological slang to combat this violent and sometimes deadly new world order. As the citizens developed this coded new futuristic vocabulary penned from the city’s own survivalists, the initial development has inadvertently compromised the Old World’s English language. The now overloaded hacked security systems in the city of Menap have all crashed down as a result causing mayhem. One of Menap’s citizens is Grenique Johnhorse a very powerful leader within a group of sorority sisters who have stuck together over the years and formed: The Neteru Council. The Neteru Council was formed simply to combat The System. An outright outlaw herself, Grenique is a woman who knows her worth and embodies revenge. Dare to try anything unusual with this short tempered black cheena from the higher districts and you just might regret the attempt.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Significant places where I lived while writing this novel are San Francisco CA, Atlanta GA, Brooklyn New York, and Berlin Germany. I earned my degrees in both United States and Germany.


Thank you kindly for the opportunity to submit my book for review.




Shamari Roberson aka Panther Optikonz


Title: Menap 2089

Genre: Sci Fi

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