Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective II


Chapter one

Shadows danced along the walls. Nanette moaned piteously. She squeezed her eyes shut, praying they would disappear. But they wouldn’t. Shed awakened them. Awakened him.

There was no escape.

He appeared out of thin air, his breath reeking of death, snarling as he pinned her to the bed. The daemon wore the face of Stewart, her husband. The thing shed summoned had invaded his body, and taken her prisoner …

Mona shuddered and opened her eyes. Waking up came slowly, she could still feel the woman’s terror. Nanette had brought this horror upon herself. She’d killed her husband’s mistress with sorcery. Still, Mona pitied her.

And somethings got to be done about Stewart. I cant leave him like that ...


The hunt is on. Constables are being possessed by daemons, an unarmed black man is killed by an officer, and Mona takes on a mysterious--and possibly dangerous--client. Mona, Junebug and Curtis must unite once more to set things right, save their cites... and Mona's life.

Cover art and design by Quinton Veal 



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