Ororo and Okira vs Akhenaten

So a few weeks ago I shared a piece featuring Ororo and Okira.http://gemgfx.deviantart.com/art/Ororo-Guides-Okira-Final-585983799It received a really good response and was shared by NUBIAMANCY, We Are Wakanda, Chocolate City Comics and a few others. Some suggested then, that we do a fan fiction featuring the two. So Dixie Ann and I did some brain storming and came up with a story. We decided to let them do battle with one of Ororo's enemies Akhenaten. We think it's a really cool story and hope that folks would like it.We should add a big disclaimer here.THIS IS FAN FICTION. NOT INTENDED TO BE SOLD OR USED IN ANY PROMOTION. STORM AND AKHENATEN ARE © Marvel.THIS IS FOR FUN TO SHOW APPRECIATION FOR A CHARACTER LIKE STORM, WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR A CHARACTER LIKE OKIRA.So look out for the fan fiction soon. Hope you all like the image and hope it makes you want to read the fan fiction.
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