Sanjre Rendered

Bio:Born and raised in Planet Erra in the Taygeta Star System, in the district of the Pleiades Star Cluster in the Taurus Constellation, Sanjre is a Pleiadian warrior who specializes in all forms of Planetary Science and mastery of 4th Dimensional Combat. She joined the Venusian Based Elite (VBE) and based herself in planet Venus to defend Earth from invading regressives after graduating from The Academy of Universal Fortitude.Sanjre has a positive child-like personality with a gentle and humble upbringing throughout her life. Although she does not experience extreme of emotions like Terrans do, she can actually relate to what’s going on due to her previous enounter with Terrans in the past when she was helping Thomas in his Journey to find the last Valiant. She’s known to be very hot-tempered when provoked or annoyed and ruthless towards anyone who do harm to her friends, family, or her mission. She has deep respect for the Terran people and would gladly give up her life for the Terrans of the Earth.
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