Seeker Encounter

Okay, folks! Here it is, all finished, and I have to say that this is to date, the best art piece that I've ever done. Enjoy!Vlissians are a big mystery. They are the only other sentient race that humans have encountered, aside from Felyans, and they move about among human and Felyan colonies with impunity. Felyans give them a great amount of deference. The most common types of Vlissians encountered by humans are the Ambassadors and Seekers. While Ambassadors are approachable in their demeanor, though imposing in their presence, Seekers are frightening and a complete enigma. They appear on human worlds without warning, and often seek out special humans, taking them back to their homeworld for an unknown purpose. This seeker, however, is after a very special prize, and has pursued this set of mercenaries and their client, for a very special purpose.This band seems to have learned the hard way that physical force against a Seeker is NOT recommended.
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