The Hybrid's Tale: Anew

Kendra is a werewolf raised by a vampire who wanted nothing more than to have a daughter of his own. Her questions about her life and her origins are endless, yet they go unanswered. Tired of being frustrated and neglected, Kendra sets off with Marc, her adoptive vampire brother, to find out what secrets their father has hidden. She is ready to find out the truth, or so she thinks. When the curtain is pulled back, will she be able to handle what is revealed?By ancient decree, the hybrid blood that pumps through her veins is a sign of the end of existence for both species. With both sides believing that the change occurring inside of her will mean the end of civilization, she has no choice but to run and hide. Before she can confront the ones that hunt her, she must face the beast that dwells inside.The Hybrid has awakened and if not tamed, it will take over. She has to not only protect herself, but those who stand by her side. Her new cravings are strong and frightening things, and she has heard of the struggles vampires have to tame the thirst for blood. Will she be able to do it? Bloodlust is a powerful thing, especially when the one you crave and the one whose essence calls out to you, is also the one who holds your heart.
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