To Resurrect and Avenge

When the past of a Louisiana plantation, and the present collide a vengeful spirit defies the laws of nature. Havoc erupts as he seeks retribution using a recently murdered victim’s body to manipulate the living and using criminals as a means to an end.Recently re-instated homicide detective Sam Richards is thrown into a precarious situation by a department steeped in corruption looking for a scapegoat. Plausible denial envelopes as Richards pursues dead end leads as his only hope is an elusive mysterious Creole woman who must show him the ugly and unbelievable truth about the victims of one of the South’s most brutal slave revolts. Having found themselves re-incarnated 400 years into the present both oppressor and oppressed find themselves in a modern day Louisiana police department steeped in corruption, racism, bizarre murders, and unexplained disappearances. With this knowledge Richards realizes that there is a very thin line between fact and the unimaginable. Without appearing to look insane he must find his way through a maze of horrific events and seek alliances he never thought possible; evade his department’s saboteurs, and last but least stay out of the path of a vengeful spirit hell bent on revenge.Also available in the Cultural-Sy SeriesTo Resurrect and Avenge: Volumes 1 thru 5available at amazon
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