Tuttz is the original concept and design developed by Eric Norcella and his Argonaut Resins Studio which has collaborated with Xmoor Studios to create an exciting creative property from his award winning figurines. Our goal is to create an all age illustrated book based on character Eric and I have created.Description Who is Tuttz…? The Egyptian King Tutankhamun had a favorite cat entombed with him on the day of his demise. Unbeknownst to the world was that this particular cat drank the King’s immortality elixir. Modern day archeologists were quite surprised to find a empty sarcophagus next to King Tut in the shape of a…cat. When the ancient hieroglyphics on this small sarcophagus were translated – the name inscribed was Tuttz…Rumor has it King Tut named this cat after a pet chameleon he was given as a gift because it too could change colors.
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