End the Black On Black Boycott! Its your dream vs the mainstream!

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  • Very good commentary, indeed! Sadly, it seems to be quite common. If I may interject, I've definitely noticed this "trend" among my own family members. I've stopped trying years ago when they showed me they couldn't be bothered to pay me at all for a caricature for their custom clothing but will pay the screen printer over $100 for the clothes...or won't pay for a tattoo design I crafted for them but will turn around and pay the tattooist $400. Needless to say, that won't and hasn't happened again.

    My mother (who has her own crafting business) has tried to give them chances, brings her homemade chocolates and gift baskets around events, tells them about her new items before putting them out for sale, and gives them discounts---STILL can't be bothered, but still wants to have equality.

    Oh well, I suppose, but it's still incredible to experience crab-like mentality no matter what creative category you're in.
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