Wicked & Preternatural: Awakening

My name is Zoe Daniels, and I am a Monster Hunter.

People in my line of work always have some sad stories that led them into this life.

Not me. I like what I do, and I am good at my job. But mostly, I do it for the money.

Girl’s gotta make a living, right?

Down on her luck and desperate for work, Zoe met with Ms. Olson, a potential client, about a job to track and retrieve her grandson, a child named, E. The boy ran away from home and now wanders the streets of Detroit. Zoe is reluctant to take the job, reasoning it was a police matter. But with mounting debts and an empty refrigerator, her eagerness to get back on her feet, drowned out the warning bells set off in her mind. Before accepting the work, Ms. Olson cautioned Zoe not too underestimate E. The child was far more than he seemed, she warned.

It turned out his grandmother was right. E has uncanny abilities, and its growing by the hour. Zoe pursued an uneven trail of chaos and destruction left in the child’s wake. At first, she thought the boy aimlessly drifted the streets. But as she closes in on her target, she discovers E has a mission that he’s dead set on finishing, and he won’t let anyone stop him no matter the cost.

Cover art illustrated by Kendrick Neal

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