Zeke Sanchez Rendered

Bio:13 year old timid Timberwolf Junior High student Zeke Sanchez is one of the many descendants of the Mayan peoples of Mexico who possessed the ability to bring forth the power of the stars upon the Earth. Zeke grew up in a religious two parent household with his father always working and not spending much time with him. Zeke is a troubled teen at school being constantly picked on by other boys in the school. The only friend he could grasp to was Kayra Novak, who often kept his bullies from going too far. It was until he met Tyro, who saved Zeke from a beating in the bathroom. Tyro then became Zeke’s best friend and instantly became his first hero male role model. Regardless of his somewhat conservative views on life, Zeke is a soft hearted, dependable ally of Tyro. When Thomas is taken by the secret government, he does his best to swallow his apprehensiveness to help his friend to see his adventure through.
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