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This is a quick piece I did while inspired for novels I've been working on. ^_^

I obsess over various characters from time to time, which results in me sketching and doodling all over my notebooks.

Of all my main characters - Holl and Doren (adoptive siblings), Selah and Raga (young twins), Daiu and Ramal (soul-bound), Jam and Reli (an odd partnership), Docus and Mur (perfect couple), Shock and Dash (80-yr-old twin scientists), etc - I find myself wanting to draw Mikal, son of a human and a star!


And if you're wondering if I might be fangirling... ALL of me is a Mikal Fangirl!

To the point that I've written my own dang fanfics about him - just because I REALLY wanted to be in his story, or had ideas for "what if XYZ horrible thing hadn't happened?" and whatnot.

... That and he's gorgeous lol.


i am, however, aware... =__= that my current level of computer-graphics art does NOT do this guy justice!


He's got silver hair, golden-to-dark-green eyes (depends on certain factors, but he's half ethereal so his form alters in slight ways under certain circumstances), brown skin (generally light-brown but again, varies in hue depending on factors), and - my personal favorite - RESTING B-FACE!

Which makes me laugh. XD

He's had that face since he was born. Came out lookin' like an angry baby XD But he's a sweetheart!

... well... for the most part.


He... kinda did some things that he probably definitely never should have done ever. ... EVER. But. ... I think that's also why I love him so much.

He's flawed. And beautiful. And terrifying at times. But no matter what, he's always sincere. And he spends the remainder of his very-long life, after the extremely tragic issues he caused... trying to make up for it in whatever way he can.


I don't believe all my readers will be willing to forgive him. But I hope that, as I convey his tale, you will at least find a connection with him.


I'll be sure to talk more about Kina too, at some point, but it's hard to talk about her without giving away certain parts of their story that are kinda critical. For now, I'll at least say that this picture makes me all warm and happy. It depicts a rare moment of peace in their crazy lives, when Mikal tries - and fails once again - to interest the girl in reading. Kina is the type who'd rather go out and explore, and she has a small attention span. But she adores Mikal, and at least makes an attempt to listen... But I mean, butterflies and stuff.

If you want to read about them, they'll be in the Books of Mikal series I'm working on. The first story is about Mikal's mother, Rozaeli, and the events that led to his birth. A fairy tale came out of this, in their world (Rhiad), "The Maiden and the Star" - which is listed as a coming title of mine on my website (www.c9prod.com). I'm pondering publishing these as "Tales of T'vanna: Fable of the Maiden and the Star" and then the true events as "Books of Mikal: Star Maiden."


Once "Lissa's Choice" is officially published, you'll see some references to Mikal in there as well - and references to Lydi from what I'd intended to call "Bubblewitch" until the phone game came out, so I've begrudgingly changed the title to "Water Witch."It probably sounds better to readers anyway - but the truth of how she skips through time has more to do with bubbles than water. Oh well.


*** My first animation - for Desmond Deathflores - is in the works! Can't wait to show it to you! ***

(below images from The Tale of Desmond Deathflores - the fable about a poisonous flower who chose to be more than what the world thought of him.)



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