Black Comic Books Aren't Worth A Quarter!

Black Comic Books Aren't Worth A Quarter!

How much do you think the first black comic book is worth?  I picked up "Brotherman #1" at a store for 25 cents.  When I went to the register, the clerk let me have it for free!  How much do you think the first comic book is worth?  In recent years, "Action Comics #1" sold for two and three million dollars?!  As comic book creators, are we expecting too much value from our merchandise? Whoever is supposed to buy our stuff is probably never going to value it beyond its retail price at the vendor's booth.  Since this is the case, then all of our efforts to be remembered end the moment it leaves the newsstand.  I visited Africomics, the premier black comic book portal, recently and found broken links among dead webpages.  Every comic book creator used the free submission link feature rather than banner advertising which no one has ever used according to the site owner.  Was it because they didn't think their comics were worth the ad space or that only search engines would crawl the site?  A fellow named Roye Okupe who created Youneek Studios' Malinka tried to help othe black comic book creative types last year with Creative Biz Launch.  It failed to draw support or fill the need of black comic book creators who are a dime a dozen at fan conventions.  What all of this means is that black comics are only self-serving a need for creative types to feel like they could have made something worth two or three million dollars


















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