9753798696?profile=RESIZE_710xBlack Star by Eric Anthony Glover is a fantastic, action-packed ride about a future Earth. Brilliant scientist, Harper North, and a crew are sent on a mission to find a rare flower that will aid in medical treatment. However, the planet they travel to is hostile: the temperature and environment can change in an instant. Of course, there are challenges: the ship they are on is hit before landing and two crew members die; North escapes the ship but leaves one crew member, still alive but trapped in her lifepod on a burning ship, behind.

Samantha Parrish, the crew member left behind, escapes the burning ship and comes after North. Parrish is an expert at survival and races against time and North to get to the one-person shuttle pod that can escape the planet and return to Earth, hopefully with the rare flower they were sent to retrieve. The battle is on between scientist and survivalist--who will escape and who will be left behind.

Black Star is a wild, fast read with incredible graphics, fast-paced story telling and realistic emotional ups-and-downs along the way. A well-written tale of survival against the elements and against your fellow human. In tough and dark situations, the real inner human comes out.

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