To understand the agile methods of today, we have to go back in time to take a look at what exactly was learned in the seventies and eighties about using these very deterministic processes to manage work. And why is it that we don’t see a lot of people using that today? Agile is now the number one delivery method. Let’s dive in. Let’s talk about traditional management and engineering. Here you can see the old school waterfall design methodology, where you have requirements, and when they are done, they flow down into design, and when the design is ready, it flows down into implementation.


And when implementation is complete, you then check to see whether or not you got what you expected, and then finally, what is built is put into maintenance. Now, requirements, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance are all performed traditionally by different contractors or different providers. So you have a requirements contractor or a specialist, a building or implementation specialist, and then you have a verification specialist. And this is to help both in terms of cost management, but also in terms of ensuring that no one is collaborating too much. What you end up with is a very integrated system and underneath the hood, if you think about any kind of work, that as an application it could be a car where a car has doors, and it has engines, and it has a chassis, and they’re all connected by wires for controls, or it could be a rocket which has cooling systems, propulsion systems, life sustainment systems, sensors, or it could be a piece of software, like an app on your phone, which can save data and send information.


Anyone of these applications all has features. And those features rely on some kind of service underneath the hood. In traditional management engineering, those services are highly integrated because you are looking to reuse as much as possible. And because you’re doing this predictive big upfront design, you oftentimes get these rightly coupled designs that, you know, they are the most efficient design at the very beginning, but any changes mean that you have to go and you have to change the rest of the system because every feature relies on multiple services and services are serving multiple features and that can lead to some runaway costs.


Now, operations research looks to predict the outcome of different systems by using mathematical models. And so this is the bias of earned value management, a process by which you could assume that if you had two pieces of information about a process, you could predict the third. CSM certification is one of the many modern-day certifications which can help you to get your dream job and in places like Albany, where one can lead a wonderful life in a major company. One has to deal with initial failure. This is observed in most cases, certain interviews might not go well, and there might be difficulties while learning the work from the basics. It is advised that one should not lean heavily towards the certification.


However, it is highly recommended to pursue certification. There might be difficulties in the transformation process where you have to break into the world of cloud computing. One should devote a significant amount of time to study object-oriented programming, and they should practice a lot. There can be global recognition waiting for you, and if you get a team of like-minded leaders or dreamers, then there is no limit for you. In light of the pandemic, there is an increase in work from home jobs, and as businesses around the world have hit losses, you can utilize this time to learn new things in the shutdown and do something productive. Technology is a boon for us, and new aspects of technology like cloud computing have made life much easier than what it was yesterday, who knows. In the future, there might be some better technology waiting for us.


Being a part of the cloud computing world will give you an idea of how things work and what is the structure of daily life things you see. So, if you get a chance to learn and contribute something to it, don’t miss the chance. Grab the opportunity now. Cloud computing induces a much-needed learning environment in education systems across the world. There are different types of educational institutions with different needs to which cloud computing caters. It has induced a much-needed change in this field. Today’s generation needs to access information at their fingertips, which is made possible by cloud computing.


The education industry has come a long way over the years. Earlier teaching was confined to textbooks and four walls of the classroom. However, this has changed in the course of time, and now we see a crossover of traditional systems with new technologies such as cloud computing. Learners should stay connected irrespective of their school grounds. The right technology aided by the right timing can empower learners with real-world and career-ready skills.

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