Docus of Proleeca

Docus of Proleeca

Name: Docus lem Laurel ol Sulto
Occupation: Teacher / Royal of Sulto
Inner Strength: Laughter and Wisdom
Inner Weakness: Caring too deeply at times

- Docus is an MC from the worlds of Al Cir. Originally born in Proleeca, and raised to become a ruler for one of its three largest nations, she took after her mother in being rather unorthodox. This easily-excitable soul manages to balance the roles of teacher and mentor at Proleeca's Light Academy, being a ruling authority for Sulto, and being a front-line warrior and general in the fight against the draka.

- In the books of Al Cir, Docus introduces herself to Daiu (MC) as her personal mentor and whisks her away to Proleeca. She plays a crucial role in Daiu's development as well as in the war, but never loses her childish antics.

About Proleeca: The world Proleeca is an "outcast" world, claimed to be cursed by providence, evident by their "odd skin" and lack of hair. Otherwise, people of the five linked worlds of Al Cir have skin tones and hair similar to people of our Earth. Proleecan dominate skin tones are red, blue, and green, and they are the only world of the five that exclusively lives underground as it is too hot to live on the surface.

Chronicler Commentary: It honestly took me a long time to figure out what to put as her "weakness." She's not OP - she certainly has her own flaws and is not remotely immortal - but this woman is genuinely incredible. The very first stories in T'vanna that I witnessed originated in the five worlds of Al Cir - with the entrance of Docus. She grinned widely, spread her arms, and said "Wondrous day, is it not!" ... I was captivated by her in an instant, and continued to traverse Al Cir through Daiu's eyes, guided by her energy to experience just how "wondrous" everything truly is.

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