Flash Fiction by Thaddeus Howze


"Guess who?" her multi-tonal twittering revealed who she was instantly, but Godzilla played along.

"Who is it?"

"Your favorite butterfly friend."

"How many butterfly friends do I have?"

"I don't know. How many butterfly friends DO you have?"

"There's...hmm... so many. Are you Hedradon?"

"No. You ate Hedradon last week. Still got the stink all over you. Don't you ever wash?"

"Okay, are you Gamera?"

"Do I smell like an unwashed, spiky turtle with incontinence? Nothing but fresh air and sunshine here, I'll have you know."

"Wait. I need a hint."

"I can fly. That puts most of your friends right off the list, thank you very much. Who else has soft wings and a perfect singing voice that YOU know?"

"Ghidorah sings nice..."

"Really? Ghidorah. The flying space alien who couldn't hold a note with a bucket? That Ghidorah? You still have a thing for her, don't you?"

"I think Ghidorah identifies as they and I only like the Right Head. The other two are crazy jealous. Anyway, I know who you are now. You know too much about me. You must be my twin...Mecha-godzilla."

"How could you not know it was me? Do I smell like rust and leaky oil pans? I'm leaving."

"Wait. Of course I know it was you, Mothra You're my best and oldest friend. Let's go into town and have a skyscraper. I'll even let you pick."

"Now, you're talking. I want to go to Tokyo."

"Tokyo? That's a hundred miles from here. There is a perfectly good town ten minutes from here."

"You said I could have what I wanted. I want Tokyo."

"Tokyo it is." Godzilla turns away from Yokosuka and heads back toward Sagami Bay.

Mothra arcing artfully skyward, begins her flight to Tokyo, letting loose one last barb. "You better hurry up and swim, slowpoke. I will start without you..."

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