Juggernaut Awake

Juggernaut AwakeMy techno-surgeons could notswipe my hard drive pristinenor transform meinto a mindless automatonof artificial intelligencetheir gigabyte missionaryHer timeless murmurs…that oblivioncould not silencehave resurrected meShe spoke from beyond the abysssweeping away stagnant dimensionsof software chaosher voice echoes in my circuitryConquering:dismembermentdeathdesignNow a humanoid odysseyrests upon my turbine shouldersMars and Venus’s progeny --galaxies of wanderersentrusted to my succorAnd I --flesh and future!penumbra and past!I am Leviathanand I am…Reborn!Copyright 2008 Valjeanne Jeffers all rights reservedThis is the beginning piece of another Leviathan poem and prose collaboration b

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