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Juggernaut Awake

Juggernaut AwakeMy techno-surgeons could notswipe my hard drive pristinenor transform meinto a mindless automatonof artificial intelligencetheir gigabyte missionaryHer timeless murmurs…that oblivioncould not silencehave resurrected meShe spoke from beyond the abysssweeping away stagnant dimensionsof software chaosher voice echoes in my circuitryConquering:dismembermentdeathdesignNow a humanoid odysseyrests upon my turbine shouldersMars and Venus’s progeny --galaxies of wanderersentrusted to my succorAnd I --flesh and future!penumbra and past!I am Leviathanand I am…Reborn!Copyright 2008 Valjeanne Jeffers all rights reservedThis is the beginning piece of another Leviathan poem and prose collaboration b

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Leviathanof flesh and steelRacing through streetsSoaring comet oftechnological geniusHis fists crush tonsof debris to dustHis sight travels milesover the designated horizonTorn from his life --crusheddisemboweledby madnessinferno and stoneTo be reconstructedby humanoid hands“And I’d rather be dead…”He remembers the whisperof a lover’s breath on his cheekthe head he cradled so gentlyagainst his shoulderAnd he has no tear ductsto give voice to his sorrowOnly the dreams ofhis hardwired heartnever forgottenImaginingsof her soft caressupon his metal browValjeanne Jeffers-Thompson 2008 All rights reserved

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