Lissa's Choice (New Release!)

Hello, everyone!

I've published a new short story set in my worlds of T'vanna. They can be found in the Tales of T'vanna series on Amazon.

Everything within me is a storyteller. I've been creating worlds since I was 7 years old, complete with their cultures, languages, foods, and religions. My goal is to bring people together in a unified concept of "human" and what it means. We all deal with a great many trials, and aren't exactly handed individual manuals for how to process what we'll experience. So the best we can do is offer stories. Engaging in others' stories allows us to better ourselves by gaining new perspectives and expanding our horizons. I hold great storytellers in very high esteem... and I desire to one day be counted among them.
As a person of color, I agree that we absolutely need more depictions of more colorful races and backgrounds. Coming up, I will be publishing tales about Airi, Mikal, Kina, Pikoul, Elu - and Mur and Docus, who are red-skinned and blue-skinned respectively - to name-drop just a few. But I also write about those with Asian looks, red-heads, blonds, etc - like Lissa in my latest publication.
(Image above is of Filin, Lissa, Meidalai (the "fish"), and Lydi. Art is by Alba Lugo, an artist from Mexico, who can be found on Instagram @Gelbekunst ^_^ We anticipate working together on MANY more projects to come!)
Here are short descriptions of my current publications!
Each short story I write is uniquely designed with its own voice and intended impact, but all are crafted to expand vocabulary and comprehension skills.
** If you want a warmhearted kid's book with pictures, loving siblings, and fuzzy characters, check out "Miki's Dream." This story is about being allowed to develop at one's own pace, and the beauty of being different. I recommend reading this story to 6-10-year-olds.
** For fantasy children's literature that deals with deeper thought-topics - like life, death, healing, and empathy - "Desmond Deathflores" is an incredible fable about overcoming the boxes and stereotypes we are born into. Reading-comprehension level for this story is higher, recommending 8-12.
** And my latest book, "Lissa's Choice," is a short story about a very unlikely friendship, and discovering (and creating) one's own inner happiness. This book is also recommended for ages 8-12.
As I *am* a New Author, please remember to leave a review on Amazon if you check out any of my books. Even one review greatly increases the chances of my books being seen by others.
Thank you for supporting me! And please look forward to more tales to come.
Stay gorgeous, people. 💗 
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