black sci fi (1)


Submitted for the approval of the Black Science Fiction Society:
  It was there. The portal was real. After all the years spent searching the vast Milky Way, Jazor had found it. He chuckled to himself from behind his faceplate when he thought of the secret to eternal life nestled on a nothing moon on the ass end of the Milky Way, but here is was, spinning its never ending spiral of golden light and offering those who are brave enough the chance at eternal youth.
  It gave him comfort to know that all whom he had killed and cheated to find his treasure did not suffer in vain. His hover chair moved his frail skeletal form closer to the glowing circle of energy till he was a foot away from it. He reached his gloved hand into the void and a charred hand snapped out from the other side and yanked him closer. Jazor's hoverchair moved helplessly to the circles edge. The hand belonged to his friend Milo, whom he left to die on an exploding cruiser after getting the information he needed. Jazor screamed as Milo smiled at his friend with a charred mouth and blackened teeth. As Jazor peered to the circle, he saw more familiar faces. He saw Janicek whom he had poisoned, pointing to him and laughing with red bile dripping from her mouth. He saw suffering and torment all around. His victims' eyes burned  with bloodlust as they reached for him and moaned with desire. Milo grabbed Jazor's helmet and pulled him close so that he and Jazor were inches away from one another. Somehow, Jazor could smell charing flesh through his helmet. The putrid aroma caused Jazor to let panic overtake him completely. He pulled and punched at he charred pair of arms that held him in place with all the might his withered body could muster, but eventually succumbed to the wave of exaustion that had overtaken him. The thing that used to be Milo laughed as Jazor's energy slowly faded. It seemed to delight in the suffering that was taking place, and was savoring the misery of the moment like a fine aged wine. As Jazor felt a single tear flow down his wrinked cheek, Milo had but one simple statement to offer. 
"Enjoy your eternity. You've earned it friend." With that he gave one last yank, and Jazor was never heard from again. 
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