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Dark Spider has had enough with his lot in life, whether it's a cheating girlfriend or being considered a second-rate hero. Never one to turn down an opportunity for chaos, Suc-U-Babe, Dark Spider's nemesis, lures him into a path of vengeance. 


Dark Spider faced against the world's most powerful hero, Primer, begins down a path that will shake this world to its core.

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Lawful Evil # 1

My intention with the idea of Lawful Evil was to explore the human life of a super-powered person, one who can be cheated on, one suffers the same relationship woes we all do, has the same doubts and even the same levels of self-criticism.  I've seen this done with a few characters, but none of them black. So I wanted to play with ideas, especially since the instance was very personal for me at the time. People often misinterpret Dark Spider and Suc-U-Babe's relationship, despite promotional art there is no romantic component to it, they function more as both foils and best friends.  Lawful Evil comics are available here  

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Lawful Evil: A night out

When I put together Lawful Evil Comics: A Night Out I wanted to make a rap video in comic book form. Popin bottles and the whole nine. The sex that results from the drunk revelry of success isn't actually the mark of a three-pole, but a time when Dark Spider and Scarlet Recluse decide to share their love with Suc-U-Babe, who is oddly enough their best friend Lawful Evil

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Lawful Evil: The Menagerie

When I created the concept for The Menagerie: Entangle I had two things in mind. The first was that superheroes who were couples showed intimacy like any other human's love and sex aren't confined to storylines in real life so they shouldn't be on the page. The second and most important thought was to show black intimacy specifically between two superpowered individuals because it is so rare that black superheroes get together. I hope all who purchased this book enjoyed it. There will be more coming down the pipe.
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