Mikal's Journey

Mikal's Journey

So, I'm working on writing the short story "The Doll" which is one of my darker pieces. In "Lissa's Choice" you might have noticed the "Mikalites" being a passing reference. Mikal is one of the biggest names in the history of Rhíad, but it's been difficult figuring out the best way to introduce him. But "The Doll" is a tale that showcases all the main aspects of him in a short sitting.


Over the course of his life, he was known for his wisdom to the point of advising kings and guild leaders. He became deified, along with his mother, and nations even built shrines to him. But he was also known as a being of chaos and disaster, and the death count at his hands is often debated. The most devout of his followers absolve him any horrible acts, claiming they either never happened, that it was a different being who did them while using his likeness, or that if he *had* committed such atrocities he surely had a grander reason that lower humans could not have understood. On the other hand, a group of equally devout critics also formed with one mission in mind: to destroy Mikal and all that came from him, calling him an "abomination."


Personally, however, this image is how I see him... A child, walking a narrow road through the unknown and unprecedented, longing to find the source of light and freedom.


(I'm really liking this art style and thinking about using it for animation shorts of my books ^__^ If you want to keep updated on new releases, you can find more about my stories and Tales of T'vanna on my website: www.c9prod.com )

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