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Dr. Z - MySciNet

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Z at the joint NSBP/NSHP conference in Austin, Texas. Also met Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, who you see Saturdays on "Outrageous Acts of Science."

From MySciNet: Aziza Baccouche—Dr. Z, as she calls herself—has made a career connecting scientific research to the people it could affect, such as informing patients about medical developments and getting more minority students interested in science. Her medium is the screen, and she tells the stories of science through documentaries. But Baccouche, a Ph.D. physicist-turned-filmmaker, will likely never clearly see any of her finished products: She became legally blind at the age of 8, and ever since she's relied on her wits, passion for science, excellent memory, and what she calls her vision to achieve success.

"We know power is work over time, that strength is endurance over time. So I endured a lot of obstacles, but at the same time I created strength and vision and wisdom and endurance."

You may/may not get the following "warning":

As the meme says, "remain calm" and open her Ted Talk in You Tube. I assure you it's inspiring and worth it.

Tomorrow: Chaos Theory

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