In order to achieve this certification, you have to start with the cloud practitioner examination. This associate-level certification will help you embark on the ladder set by Amazon its credentialing. To get prepared efficiently, you have to take the A cloud guru certified cloud practitioner course. This will provide your hands-on experience in AWS labs. It is found that professionals with shallow knowledge struggle with Amazon VPC, S3, RDS, Kinesis & Lambda. This is the reason that you should focus deeply on these technologies while you are enrolled for your cloud practitioner certification.

Subscribing and reading the AWS as storage services overview will provide you a scenario-based questions understanding related to the above technologies.

In this article, we will discuss the target audience of this certification, the prerequisites, as well as share your insight about the exam.

The prerequisites

This is the specialty of Amazon Web Services that it has no prerequisites set for this examination. But they insist aspirants complete at least one year of experience with the AWS cloud platform. In order to successfully pass this examination, have the involvement of at least one or two years in product life cycle management will also enhance your experience and taking the examination. The examination is all about the pragmatic application of all the technologies, tools, inputs, and outputs present in The Amazon web services.

What should you know about the AWS solution architect certification examination?

For your clarity, AWS solution architect certification examination is a multiple-choice question-based examination where do you have to score at least 720 marks out of 1000 to pass the examination. There will be around 65 question items asked in the exam, out of which five questions are unscored. Now, if you do a little math about how to handle the stress in the examination, you will find that. You are given 1.4 minutes for each question. You have to spend $150 on purchasing the exam voucher.

The domains

Altogether there are four domains of this examination, and they are as follows:

Design resilient architectures consist of 30% of the questions which will be asked in the examination.

Design high performing architectures- this domain consist of 28% of the total examination.

Design secure applications and architecture consists of 24% of the total questions asked in the examination.

Lastly, the domain design cost-optimized architecture holds a worth of 18% in the examination.

How to take this examination?

The Amazon web service is quite lenient when it comes to taking examinations. If you do not have a Pearson VUE exam center near you, then you can take the online examination mode at your home. Each passing day the tools and technologies of Amazon Web Services are renovating, but the core concept remains the same, so as an aspirant, you should not worry much about it.

The main focus of yours should be on creating users, groups, and implement access management with appropriate security with the help of Amazon Web Services IAM. There are many services that come by default, like EC2 questions around these services majorly remains the same.

The preparation 

The best way to prepare is by first gaining a holistic overview of this module of Amazon Web Services. You can start it by going through the study guide. You can use online cheque videos available on YouTube as well as other platforms for free of cost that supports your preparation. A professional with a sound understanding of the architecture, classic load balancer, network load balancer, application load balancer, and fault-tolerant will easily pass the examination with flying colours. You are not supposed to memorize each and every tool and technique but rather should focus on how to make use of these tools and techniques.

There are many figures and tables which you have to memorize completely. The domains are less, but the services are enormous, but you have to repair only a time span of at least four to six months. You should also understand that the scenarios which will be given in the question will be around these services like CloudTrail and configuration.

The seven steps

The cloud practitioner examination is of the high nurse level. Well, the solution architect is of the associate level.

First thing first, you have to understand the domains the services as well as the question pattern. For this, you have to work with the simulation examination as well as practice papers. 

You should focus more on improving performance using the elastic cache, DynamoDB & data pipeline, cloud watch common lambda.

For specifying security applications and architectures, be fluent with Amazon Web Services inspector, cloud HSM & Macie cloud.

The examination is all about validating your operation code, annotate documentation, and anticipate tackling failures.

Joining an online course will also help you in getting through the examination. Apart from that, you have to read the book but prefer the updated and the most recent releases. 


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