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A Lovecraftian JRPG where you have to consume monsters to survive

Our game Celestial Tear: Lost World is a semi-finalist in the Ultimate Game Idea contest and we are in need of as many VOTES as we can get. This cross-genre space adventure takes action turn based combat and mixes survival mechanics into a fun and sometimes terrifying adventure as consuming grotesque creatures and taking on their abilities is the only way to protect your sanity from the ever haunting Void.

The Haunting Void

Each of the three playable characters can all consume monsters by eating or salvaging their organs or body parts into weapons or gear. Uzu, the fighter, can fashion enough monster parts to create permanent weapon upgrades while Jake, the gunner, can use them to make ammo and other expendable resources. Trask, however, can eat the monsters, absorbing their physical traits and some abilities until she completely metabolizes the energy.


This will be a fun, engaging game where battles become varied and exciting as players can choose and execute these unique traits and abilities that the characters naturally possess in conjunction with the varied and weird monsters they consume. They will travel across this weird and almost organic-like planet where caverns seem more like the bowels of a rotting monster than the stony walls of an eroding cavern.

Action Turn-Based Battles

Blending elements of sandbox, survival, and horror with classic, active turn-based, Japanese role-playing style battles, Celestial Tear: Lost World presents a new cross-genre experience unlike anything seen before. With retro pixel-art graphics and a lush, dynamic 16-bit soundtrack, the world of Celestial Tear: Lost World provides an immersive Lovecraftian experience as players travel across this gritty, dark anti-universe. Fans of Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, and even the classic Eternal Darkness will all find something to relish in this cosmic, terrifying adventure.

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