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Butterfly 8 ~ Excerpt






Butterfly 8

An Epic

(Paranormal Suspense Thriller)




Chapter One

The Khoi



“Sorceress, Sorceress! Burn her, burn her!”

The incessant chanting, nearly to a state of frenzy, was sufficient to silence any creatur

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The Killer

The first time they came we were unprepared we could not have grasped the concept of what they were so our minds came up with an explanation we could grasp.  They were gods and monsters, far above us and yet with our motivations and emotions. They ha

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Taurus Moon - Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Uno gripped my arm with the retractable blade and held it in place. I punched him hard in the face with my free hand. Little good it did. It hurt me more then it did him. He laughed before I felt his hot breath on my neck. I wondered if my

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