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I joined this Group to Support Women Creators. I Hope that is OK, with You all. IF Not, Please let me know, and I will Remove myself, and My Information from the group.. I hope that, US Male, Supporters can stay, and Give some Positiveness to the Group. I am a "Honorary Lifetime HERO of the WEA (Women Entrepreneurs of America, Inc.) Organization. I support Women who are Smart, Wise, Honorable, Leaders, and yet Tuned to Community, Family, Friends, and World Wide Society Betterment of Humanity.

WE/I have a "Brand" called "G.I.J.I.M.O.M." which is an all Female, All Special Forces, All Super Heroic Women's Unit, recruited for Futuristic President B.O. (Our Sci-Fi president is a Cross btw President Obama and Morgan Freeman) to Help Fight against Evilness, and World wide Criminals and Super Criminal elements (these are NOT your Charlie's Angels type ladies) These Ladies are SUPER Heroic Sci-Fi Futuristic Powerful, Beautiful, and Wise Women who help Keep the World Safe from Sci-fi Criminals.  The "G.i.J.i.M.O.M." T.E.A.M. utilizes Celebrity Character Pro-Filers, who have allow us to utilize their Likenesses and names for the Characters..Historical Actress/Model/Singer/Song writer/Producer/Director: Lonette McKee is G.i.J.i.M.O.M. member 5-Star General Marie Martin (s Semi-Retired 1st generation "L.A.Z.E.R.U.S.' technology Super Hero)...Actress/Model: Dianne Sullivan is the Super Heroic "CURVE"...Actress/Model:  Brandee Wayans is the Super Heroine called "G.I.N.E.S.E.S."..... Biedra Wayans (The big sister of the Famous Wayans Brothers, who helped them with the "IN Living Color Series, back in the day) is the Also Semi-retired Super Heroine called "M.O.T.H.E.R.R."....Australian  Actress/Model/Radio Show host: Krystle McGill is the Super Heroine called "Xtzina"... and Actress/Model: Jodie Fleisher is the Super Heroine called "K.-J.O."

Lets keep in touch..

I am Honored to be Your Friend: we "HONOR" WOMEN & MOMS, and MILITARY Females with our NEW, EXCITING "G.i.J.i.M.O.M." Series:,

We are ®Reece ENTERPRISES/©REECENETRICS™/®FAMILY MEDIA COMPANY™/©TDM Comics International; a small but slowly/Strategically growing group of Companies, Creating Comics, and Entertainment Products & “Brands” geared Towards the World Wide Diverse People, of many Cultures and Nations to “spread the love of Positive Images for peoples of All Colors, World wide!”
Terry Reece, aka “the Warrior” Super Hero
Writer/Copywriter/Creator of The Closet Cove and the L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project, and the "G.i.J.i.M.O.M." Series Brand


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