BELLONA"...I miss being a carbon-based, organic life form. My life was forever changed. Our religion singularity changed everything. I can never go back. I have traveled to 100's of galaxies and met millions of different species. I miss the emotional side of being organic most."-----------------------------------------------CLASSIFICATION: Andromedian citizen in an external warrior body.INTENSION: Peaceful level 1 warrior.ALLEGIANCE: To the Andromedian Elders counselAGE: 69,000+ years oldHEIGHT: Varies in size, averages 6 feet tall.BODY TYPES: 10HISTORY: Born an organic life form on planet Destiny in the Andromedian galaxy. Survived the great technological singularity.BATTLES: 501,222.DIED: 3908 times.TEAM: Captain of her team.MOVEMENT SPEED: Unknown milliseconds.SPACESHIP: EIS Generation 4.Body specs:BODY STRUCTURE: Bio-Mechanical, unknown and other.BRAIN/SOUL: Silicon-nanite. Backup copy on planet Xenos.BODY ARMOR: Unknown.NANOBOTS: Generation 4.NANOSCANNERS: Generation 4NANOEYES: Generation 4Communications: High-speed digital telepathic.Offense and Defense Weapons:SWORDS - Anti-hydrogen/Exotic matter (powered by red molecule on arm)ASR - Atomic Solar Recharge - Body explodes into outer space and comes down with cosmic energy.QUANTUM ENERGY SHIELDS - Generation 4WINGS - SPIRIT QUARKS - UNKNOWN CAPABILITIES.--------------------------------------READ BELLONA'S MILLISECOND FIGHT SEQUENCE AND MORE ABOUT HER HERE:
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