This is a scene from chapter 23. On the transparent Darclonian Mothership right outside of Earth's orbit. DEQ (Dark Energy Queen) makes her debut on the left of the page. She is trying to pull away the Dark Energy from around the deformed man's body, who is on a virtual energy cross. She is manipulate him through his emotions and is using the girl in the middle (that is on Earth), as a pawn, to get what she wants. She gives her speech on what she thinks about human religion.-----------------------------------------------The DEQ (Dark Energy Queen), is explaining what her evil species wants with humans. They are communicating telepathic on the Darclonian mother-ship, just above Earth. The below wording from book takes place just before the illustration scene above.‘We were originally an advanced alien robotic race. Our race went as far as our technology could go, but we were missing something. Over time, we found that carbon-based life forms were more interesting. We love your culture, entertainment, memories, love, feelings, lifestyles, and pleasure experiences. Each bioparasite that enters a human body will experience everything that humans experience for many generations. Meaning, the nanomole will let the bioparasite feel, smell, retouch, relive, and experience the past 500,000 years of nanomole-recorded information. We love knowing what it feels like being a carbon-based species again. There are so many different entertaining human emotions. Our three favorites categories are: 1. Anger, rage, hate and to kill others weaker is a priceless feeling; 2. Pain, suffering, disgust, sadness, hunger and the fear of pleading for your life when you are about to die; 3. Lust, love, making love, physical arousal and pleasure. These emotional categories cannot be properly duplicated in a non-organic life form. We want to feel what you humans feel in all aspects. Love and hate is a universal concept, I can teach you how to control your emotions and experience the best of both worlds. You can be the strongest leader, warrior and god in history. You have what it takes and you can be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Bioparasites are Darclonians in organic form, but I know you already knew that answer.’Jaden is speechless and horrified in what this alien is saying. He stays focused on the questions he is asking in his mind. Images of the solar system show up and then images of humans suffering all around the world. Jaden looks at everything he sees around him with astonishment.READ THE REST ON THE BIALIEN FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:http://www.facebook.com/notes/science-fiction-the-bialien-sci-fi-trilogy-favorite-characters-fan-page/jadens-conversation-with-the-dark-energy-queen-about-earth-clip-1/143498735694288
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