Born in, Manning, South Carolina, Ruth Lee Sumter was hailed from the royal family of the Sumter's. From the time she was a child, young Ruth always sensed she was gifted and bound for greatness. On her 18th birthday, she reached the, "Age of Evolution", and the young woman was faced with a mysterious device known as the..."Omnipotent Casket"! A very mysterious small box adorned with jewels never seen by anyone except her family members! This device would grant her three wishes. As the eldest female members only of her family are blessed with this "gift", Ruth was infused with the powers of the "Cosmolaxy"! This power merges the Cosmos and Galaxy into one. She has indeed the powers of the universe, and has only tapped into 10% of this power! Upon meeting Louis D. Tarrytown, from another royal family, Ruth soon married him. With the powers of the Cosmolaxy, she is in-fact the most powerfull member of Chess-Masters! Ruth and Louis and their family members and friends all reside on the large and mysterious and magical island of, "Camelot's Kingdom", just off the coast of New York!
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