Young Xavier Lazarus Baptist was born in Cairo, Egypt. The wild and reckless youngster often found himself in trouble. An only child, Xavier and his only cousin, "Zirael", found drinking and chasing women as the only adventure they loved in the world. When Xavier met an older mysterious gentleman from a religious group known as the, "Cross of Ascension", the elder religious gentleman introduced him to the ways of spiritual beliefs. As he got older, Xavier encountered a demonic creature known as "Sinevil"! This demon would become a life-long enemy to him. When Xavier looked upon the true appearance of Sinevil, he was rendered blind for a year! With his mentor, teacher and friend by his side, Xavier was introduced to the mysterious woman, Meta Southern, who was also a member of the Cross of Ascension. With Meta's help, Xavier regained his sight, swearing he would never look upon or describe Sinevil's true form ever again! This experience would change his outlook on life as he and Zirael would soon part company. Xavier would soon gain his mysterious powers of the mystical sorcerer occult! It is rumored that he has"divine powers". However, this cannot be substantiated. Shortly after marrying Meta Southern, now calling herself "Cleopatra", Xavier took his "religious name" of...The Bishop! After a tragic event, the Bishop would spend the rest of his life fighting Sinevil. It was later discovered that the Bishop, Cleopatra and Sinevil have been around since nearly the beginning of time! They are in-fact immortal!
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