While exploring the beautiful and tropical island, "Camelot's Kingdom", off the coast of New York, young Craig Steven Jerseyan found himself in a cave. Upon checking out the cave, Craig discovered a "sword" implanted in the cave's ceiling above him. Pulling the sword down, the young adventurer became endowed with the magical and mysterious blade! Upon being mentally "fused" with the sword, Craig learned his new prize was known as the "Souls Of Unknown Legends"! In other words the....."Soul Sword"! This sword has been around since nearly the beginning of time! At one time it was known as "Excalibur"! Craig later learned his future teammate, The Bishop, once encountered the sword centuries earlier! Craig was shocked to learn that all past males and females wielder of the Soul Sword upon passing away would find themselves forever living out their lives in happiness within the sword itself. No one can touch the sword whatsoever. Besides wielding the sword, it was discovered that the Queen and the Bishop can also use it's powers. Even children who are pure in heart can hold the sword, but are prevented from harming themselves or anyone else. The Knight also uses the sword to call upon his winged horse "Warrior". He is also mentally connected to the Arabian Steed! He at times can become hot-headed. The youngest member of Chess-Masters, 18 year-old Craig loves fighting with his teammate, The Rook!
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