After the passing of his parents, Glenn J. Yorker found himself in the care of his uncle and aunt, Raymond and Beverly Yorker, respectfully. With both his siblings as scientists, Glenn discovered his Uncle Raymond had found a mysterious substance that can change the molecular structure of the human organs. Not wanting to share his discovery with anyone else, including his wife for, "safety reasons", Raymond wanted to perfect this findings until he could make sure it was safe to use. When it was discovered that Raymond Yorker created this secret item, he was ordered by some, "mysterious scientists", working for a top secret branch of this government to deluge his formula! Learning that these strange officials were threatening his uncle, Glenn foolishly used the formular without his siblings approval in the hopes of helping them. The result put him in a coma for five months, bringing him close to death! Upon emerging from his coma, Glenn learned he was endowed with incredible super strength and powers! As large as he is, he can not only increase his mass, he can move fairly fast as well! Raymond and Beverly learned that their only nephew's skeleton frame including his skull was transformed into a skeleton mass of "diamonds"! After a tragic event, Glenn used his powers to battle crimes. He would go on to become a best friend to Louis D. Tarrytown.....later known as The King! Taking the heroic name of The Rook, Glenn often loves to fight with his teammate...The Knight!
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