Born in, Roswell, New Mexico, Rockwell Longbranch was born to a powerful and wealthy family. In his later teen years, young Rockwell discovered that his family were involved in dark sorcery magic known as "Darklight"! Rockwell would go on to become a close and confidant friend to both royal families of The Tarrytown's and The Sumter's, respectfully. Residing on both royal families jointly-ruled magical and mysterious island, "Camelot's Kingdom", just off the coast of New York, Rockwell made a name for himself as a gifted scientist. When the Queen,(Ruth Lee Sumter), allowed Rockwell to use the mysterious, "Omnipotent casket", to make a wish on her eighteenth birthday, he showed the world that he was in-fact the last of the evil villains (as all the villains were finally defeated by the heroes of the 25th century...along with Rockwell helping to defeat them as well!) Using the power of the mysterious Omnipotent Casket, Rockwell endowed the honored and well-respected eight "Royal Pawns" with super powers and sent them, the Chess-Masters, and himself from their time-line of the 25th century back in time to the 21st century! He not only endowed the eight Royal Pawns with super powers (turning them all to the dark side of their powers), he also endowed himself with all eight of their powers within himself, making him a formidable foe and worthy arch-enemy to the Chess-Masters! The cunning and extremely intelligent Rockwell would go on to proclaim himself with the title..."Pawn-Master".....because of his eight powers of the eight Royal Pawns. However, The Pawn-Master has a true reason for sending them all to the 21st century. A reason that will very possibly position him as world conqueror!
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