The Witch of Belle Fleur

n a family brimming with secrets, Juliette learns her mother was a Destroyer Witch, and her father was a Healer Witch. This teen telenovela actress doesn't have time for magic, yet magic finds a way into her life.

Juliette must choose between becoming her town's Lead Witch or just walking away from magic and being a regular human, like her drop-dead gorgeous best friend, Victor. She soon finds out that Victor has a few secrets of his own...

Although her instincts tell her to run from magic, magic might be the only way she can save her dying aunt.

She unwittingly brings magic back to all witches in Belle Fleur, including Thane, an ancient evil witch who wants Juliette’s power and soul.

A hot new mysterious guy comes to town and turns up the heat. Juliette's feelings for him grow, just as she sinks deeper and deeper into the new world of magic.

Can Juliette balance her Healer and Destroyer sides while she tries to defeat the evil that hunts her and those she loves?

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