No Evil Maskings

The wearer is distraught after walking through the Valley oF Death...but feared not...for she is wearing a mask. 

Size 24" X 36" Acrylics on paneling.

This is my latest, as in April 9th 2020.  Adding to my growing Rhythmistic collection called "No Evils" which recontextualizes the ancient proverb of See No, Hear No & Speak No Evils.  Since 1988 while I was earning my Masters Degree in Art Therapy for the School of the Art Instititue of Chicago I have added various paintings to this collection.

 Due to most folks knowing of me for my launch and advocacy fo the growing Black Age of Comics,,,it often is missed that I am a life long, award winning, published, critically acclaimed practicing Rhythmistic Visual Artist who creates Fine Art. Commercial Illustrations along with Graphic Novels.  Not to mention Video productions..etc. For 50 plus years now....

This forum is one of our most vitl efforts to break the Black on Black boycotting of positive legal Black enterprises and limit our cash flowing out ot the mainstream, Japan, Palestine..and all of the those others who have long since attached money vacumb cleaners ot the Black Community world wide. 

I know buyers, curators and collectors are checking us out....but gotta get over the Fear of Black Wealthiness.

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