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Before direct interface machines without emotional and spiritual direction on how to merge beneficially, there was the technology of sound that called forth operation from within the body and its surroundings.These Hekau (sweet words/words of power) were spoken on Khusat using the tones from her sister...Ta (Earth).ENTER THE WORLD OF AFRO-FUTURISM AND MAKE YOUR EXODUS OUT OF SCI-FI INTO THE REALM OF INTERNAL SCIENCE..SCI-FI JUST GOT INTERESTING...N ETERNITY RECLAIMED THE AFRO-FUTURISTIC (SCI-FI) NOVELBY DJADJA (JAH-JAH) N MEDJAY (MEH-JAY)A cosmic being, Neith, uncovers forgotten secrets on a hostile planet of giants. Neith finds herself forced to deal with decisions she made during the eons she spent as a warrior...the death of her son, the transformation of her husband into a malevolent beast... and the attacks by a planet that wants to kill her... Can she mend the wounds of her traumatic past before she's forced into bloodshed once more?
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