Hulk Smash Conclusion

Hulk Smash Conclusion:Rise in Excellence.The Hulk Smash Saga is complete and I am very thankful for your contributions. Through your attention in the serious matter of Dr. Banner, we were able to secure an order for the elusive replacement screen. Those that have participated can expect the PDF of Renpet delivered to them along with the rough draft of the first 5 pages of Dark Light Bridges.In case you missed out on the donation deadline, you may still give a donation via paypal at: skhmnb@yahoo.comGamma Radiation can be a useful tool if harnessed correctly...our experiments into this and other natural energies have just begun. One thing is for sure, the Hulk is definitely tired of being bottled up by the confines...maybe his potential can be truly harnessed...Sci-Fi just got Interesting....after being dead for so many years.Rise in Excellence,Author DjaDja N Medjay
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